Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Village Markets,Burleigh Heads.

Our little pop-up shanty Millie stall will finally 
be wandering back to The Village Markets,Burleigh Heads this 
Sunday 4th December from 8am til 1pm.
Come frolic in the sunshine by the seaside + have a yarn + 
pick up some lovingly handmade sea junk 
for Christmas giving [or keeping..]. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when you're in your little room.

Since moving closer to the sea I've resisted the urge to 
work from home,instead choosing to work directly from my studio 
near the mountains so my work stays at work & there's no temptation to get up at 2 in the morning to work on some idea that's infiltrated my brain & eventually slip into my old habit of zero sleep + brain fried.

BUT ALAS!!! I caved.

Making a tiny space in my bedroom for a desk + chair + my iMac + other computery junk.I now have a little workspace at home,but so far I'm still getting my sleep & not waking up at stupid hours of the night to work.

I found the little yellow chair at a tip shop for $2 + the old desk was $7 from Salvos + a can of Flamingo Pink spray paint $7.50 = a bit of cheap awesome fun.

Peregian Beach Markets + Originals | Sunday 20th November

Our 2nd expedition to the Peregian Beach Markets.
We had a gorgeous day selling artsy sea junk in our little pop-up shanty in the sunshine by the sea.Thankyous to my friends who popped by to help out + have yarns + giggles.And it was great meeting new customers,customers from last market & general smiley faces.Thankyou for your support!
Also a special thanks to the most squinchy little dog fella,Oddball.He was the stall mascot for the day & did an excellent job.

We stayed on afterwards for the Peregian Originals also which was a bit of fun in the sun.Some icey apple cider + shade from the scorching sun + swimming in the sea + gorgeous friends + silliness + great live bands,made for a most enjoyable afternoon.

Peggy ♥

Totally unrelated,or is it...
This is a new little lady in my life,Peggy. 
She's a little bit special + crazy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

para pelícano | boardbags

This afternoon I finished sewing the custom boardbag that PJ aka Pelican ordered from me for his fresh new 5'7 twinnie.

One down,another 2 littlies & a log cover to go!

I'm selling these babies for $90 if anybody else is 
interested in a bag for yer board that isn't dull. 

-All handmade by zee me & made from recycled/vintage/new fabrics 
-No two bags are the same pattern/colour/fabric combo 
-All bags are lined with canvas for a little more protection 
-The nose is triple stitched/reinforced for extra tough times.

Longboard/Log covers $115.
Shortboard covers $90
Alaia covers $60

on paper seas.

A lovely young lady & talented musician,Millie Tizzard approached 
me to do her a design for her merch.The outline was based 
around her new song 'On Paper Seas' & some line work she 
liked of mine.This is the final design,she 
was happy with it & so was I!


A little package arrived in the mail the other day 
& it was the proof for my photobook 
It's 80 pages of visual bliss + a bit special. 

I originally released 50 copies for pre-order & they sold out like hot cakes,so I've now released another 10 for those who really wanted a copy.There won't be anymore after that because I want it to remain limited edition.

If you'd like to pre-order a copy pop over to zee online shop.