Thursday, August 2, 2012

baking + mexican signs + drowned in coffee

It's been a bit quiet around here of late due to my new venture of a part-time job working for Little Boat Espresso. One of my gorgeous ladies,Sara has recently opened a cafe/espresso bar at Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast & I've taken on the role as 'baking whore-learning zee art of coffee-dish piglet-mexican sign making lady' & I've been enjoying it thoroughly! Not only is it a fun place to work,I'm learning new skills + challenging myself in a different avenue of creativity + oh! it's a bit of extra cash in my pocket for adventures.

But alas! The past few weeks I've put Millie on the back burner,until now. This Sunday we're setting the shanty shop up at The Village Markets,Burleigh Heads and having a huge-gantic SALE on all clothing with up to 50% off the original price! The sale is to make way for new assembled cloth for Spring/Summer.I'm inspired + motivated + very excited about getting back into making again after almost a month elsewhere.My brain is overflowing with fresh ideas & my hands ready to create!

I'm also preparing for my upcoming exhibition which will be at Little Boat from 630pm on the 25th August.So much going on at the moment & it's been brilliant.

Drop by this Sunday at The Village Markets if you're around Burleigh Heads or if you're wandering through the neighbourhood & nab yourself a handmade bargain.Thankyou everybody for your support,it means a huge amount to me.

Love + Light 
xx millie

The Village Markets | This Sunday!!!