Thursday, June 28, 2012

skulls + flowers

Inspired by a gorgeous photo I found on the internets I spent a late night drawing this little guy. I've been so busy lately & have been really craving to just sit with my sketch book & draw for hours.Last night I finally got some time to do that & it felt fucking amazing! I'm happy with this drawing & will probably make some limited edition prints of it soon.

xx millie

Friday, June 22, 2012

VOS Boutique + Little Boat Espresso

Last week I did a shoot for the gorgeous girls,Sara + Dom at Little Boat Espresso + VOS Boutique.In addition to the shoot which was done for media purposes,I also made them up a small advertisement for both businesses [as they're sharing the same space].The outcome,they were happy & so was I! Cool bananas.

Find VOS Boutique + Little Boat Espresso online at Facebook or pop by at #3 Lorraine Ave. Marcoola,Sunshine Coast for both a fashion + coffee fix.

xx millie

bored cheese

This is a cheeseboard update! Since starting my adventure into woodworking I've managed to craft just over 20 beautiful little boards from both reclaimed river oak + silky oak.

The process has been exciting as I've always wanted to work with different timbers & other junk.I'm learning as I go & to my bliss,everybody has been really supportive of my newest creations.THANKYOU!!!

I'm looking into more possibilities for different woodworking ideas & at this point they're endless,but I need more practice,skills & equipment! But keep yer eyes peeled for further updates involving new reclaimed timber creative goodness.

xx millie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Village Markets | Sunday 17th June 2012

The sun burnt it's little heart out on Sunday to provide us with a gorgeous + warm winter Sunday at The Village Markets,Burleigh Heads.

I rocked up with my newly crafted cheeseboards in hand & they were a hit! A huge thankyou to those who purchased these little wooden crafty goodies,it's motivated me to make more!

Also,thankyou to everybody who popped by the stall to have a browse,share their support + purchase some creative goodness! We really appreciate it. We won't be at TVM until the 2nd market in July,but til then I'll be busy making more bits & pieces which will be available online.

I also managed to nab this little beautiful old tin from a fellow stall holder for $2! I'm a bit excited.hihi!

Muchos love + light!
xx millie

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Village Markets | This Sunday!

Lots of fresh new creative goodness will be available at our little shanty stall this Sunday at The Village Markets,Burleigh Heads.