Thursday, October 11, 2012

August 25th | The Secret Hobo Jungle Exhibition

The Secret Hobo Jungle an exhibition of Paintings.Illustrations.Photography & all things handcrafted.

Last Saturday I had my solo exhibition,the first in a very long time & after a few weeks of late nights,freaking the fuck out & numerous trips to the art shop,the exhibition was a really awesome night for both myself and everybody who came along for the arty festivities.Lots of people rocked up & I was quite surprised by the love given by all! Jungle punch was guzzled,sushi + chicken curry + wild rice + mini persian love cakes devoured & general fun to be had.

A culmination of new + old,but all tied together with the love of nature,the grittiness of life & the raw beauty of our surroundings,most pieces were sold on the night & I couldn't be happier.

Thankyou hugely to everybody who wandered over to Little Boat to support my art junk,to Little Boat for giving me a space to show my art,to Sara for cooking a yummy lemongrass & lime curry & to my gorgeous boyfriend for his massive help & support & hugs.

Thankyou.Love + Light xx

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

mini shoot | Millie x Grace

Last Friday we did a fairly spontaneous mini shoot of a couple of new Millie clothing pieces.

Mega thankyous to Miss Grace for mowdelllllllllling.Dom + Aaron + little lady,Iluka for letting us run amok in your home.Tululah for being adorable.Bren for being a professional driver.

ENJOY! love + light 
xx millie

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inspiration | Alexandra Valenti

One of my most favourite photographers-artists,Alexandra Valenti.Absolute pure visual bliss.