Sunday, September 29, 2013


And so it begins.... 

There are some timber cheeseboards floating around in the universe that are imitations of my work. Whilst the majority of people receive a pay packet each week,I do not. I've chosen the path of the unknown,of the consistently inconsistent because I love what I do and am fortunate enough that there are people out there who love my creations enough to pay me their hard earned money for something that is made with heart and soul. My work is a culmination of my adventures.the blood that pulses through my veins.the culture that I have been born from.the life that only I have lived,that's what inspires & keeps the fire burning. 

I spend hours slogging away.late nights.lack of sleep.blistered hands.sweat.sacrifices & tears to produce everything you see on my page,but I get so much satisfaction and pride to be able to share my work with everybody.But to have it corrupted by somebody who has taken a shortcut and claims it as their original work is not only highly frustrating,but very disappointing and makes me 
question sometimes if its even worthwhile sharing.

P.S The boards pictured are mine.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

the wide open night on the sea

Hello lovelies!

It has sadly been a while between posts,but happily I've returned once again to my trusty Mac to tinker away some half decent words.

The past few months have been crammed with moving house.moving partner being horribly ill and spending time in hospital.taking on fresh gorgeous stockists.making new timber pieces.drawing.screenprinting.sewing.designing.scouring for timber and just generally being so busy that sleep and days off have been few and far between.But that's how I like it.

I'm crazily excited to announce that Millie is now stocked in TWO stores in Brooklyn,NEW YORK!! 

The first is the flagship SCOSHA store,an eclectic mix of handcrafted goods from various artisans including Scosha herself.The store is located at #64 Grand Street,Brooklyn. NEW YORK.

The second stockist is THE PRIMARY ESSENTIALS,a specialty home and lifestyle shop which will be opening in November at #372 Atlantic Avenue,Brooklyn.NEW YORK.

And just a quick stroll (ahem) to the West Coast in Laguna California,Millie also has another new stockist called THE SHOP.A gorgeous beach inspired lifestyle store that is located at #1020 South Coast Highway,Laguna Beach.California.

Tomorrow I will continue to list our new stockists,but for now I must get some much needed sleep.

I cannot thank everybody enough for your support throughout this year so far,you have all been so beautiful and I'm so glad my little love filled creative goods have gone to such gorgeously loving people.